About Us

To my future patient,

My purpose in life is to free the human spirit giving people the choice to live in their greatness, having health, love, peace and prosperity.

As the founder and lead practitioner of the Goren Acupuncture, I want to take the time to introduce myself. I believe knowing your practitioner and coach is an important step in this type of medicine.

The Goren Acupuncture is a profound system of medicine that combine powerful systems together: Five Element Acupuncture, Medical Qigong, NLP, NRT and coaching.

If you ask a sailor about the natural phenomena of an iceberg, they’ll explain that you can only see about 10% of the actual iceberg above the surface the rest is submerge in water. Disease acts in a similar way, with most practitioners focused on that top 10%, we at Goren Acupuncture are looking for the deeper reasons,  the cause of the disease, the person got sick.

Our goal is to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. This not only helps you overcome your short-term challenges, but also provides you a path to lifelong happiness and fulfillment.

When you come in to our office, I promise to focus on you and your unique situation. This way, I can provide a structured approach that will help you overcome pain and reach your desired outcome.

I look forward to meeting you and thank you for visiting my website.

-Dr. Isaac Goren

Dr. Isaac Goren

About Dr. Goren

Dr. Goren Have been practicing and teaching Chinese medicine for more than 25 year. He is an expert in Five Element Acupuncture and Medical Qigong. He is a faculty member at ATOM and have teaching engagements both here and abroad.

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