Learn Medical Qigong

The Power of Ancient Discipline

Committed to the true and complete teaching of Medical Qigong, our unique environment is designed to teach you everything you need in order to start healing yourself and using this powerful healing method.

Believing fully in the power of this ancient discipline, we teach you the complete system so you have the tools you need to impact your patients and grow your practice

Who is this program for

There are two types of students who are interested in this education: the first are people who are new to the subject and are interested in learning about Chinese medicine, self healing, and spiritual development, as well as those who are looking for a new career.

The second are healthcare practitioners looking to have more power and understanding of healing and energy to better serve their clients, which includes acupuncturists, nurses, massage therapists, psychotherapists, and other healthcare practitioners.

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong is one of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. It is an ancient form of Chinese Energetic Medicine. The other three branches of TCM are acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Chinese bodywork. The word Qi is translated as energy or Life Force which is the bio-electric force (like the battery in a cell phone) that exists within every living thing. Gong is translated as the cultivation or skills. Together Qigong is the practices or action taken to grow, build and develop the skills to enhance the energy within our body.


All four branches are seeking to remove blockages, strengthen, balance and harmonize the Qi, life force or energy within the body in order to establish excellent health, wellness, and longevity.

Disease process begins with this life force, Qi, getting weaker or going out of balance. Very much like a car that has wear and tear, also our body weakens as a result of aging, poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive lifestyle, lack of sleep and hydration, stress, injuries, surgeries as well as limiting beliefs, and suppressed emotions. All of these mentioned suppresses the immune system, weaken the energy level in the body, inhibit the natural flow and production of the hormones, as well as damages the nervous system, which creates different diseases such as pain, anxiety, sciatica, insomnia, high blood pressure, stress, depression as well as chronic diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease and cancer.

Medical Qigong is a system of Chinese energetic medicine in which the practitioner perform a treatment on the patient with the goal in mind to remove and open any blockages, Tonify or strengthen any weak or empty organs or channels, and finally to harmonize the body in a way that the endocrine system, nervous system, immune system and all the other systems in the body are working synergistically to achieve the highest level of performance.

As part of the treatment, the Qigong Dr. teaches the patients Qigong meditations, visualization, and Qigong moving exercises to enhance and further the treatment. This, in turn, empowers the patient to be an integral part of the healing process.

Medical Qigong is a powerful and effective system of medicine that can help many conditions. In different hospitals and clinics in China and in the last 30 years in the US, doctors used medical Qigong to treat patients suffering from different ailments.

Many patients combine the Medical Qigong treatments with allopathic, Western medicine. This combination can be very helpful since the patient can have the assurances of modern technology for testing, assessment, and monitoring of the disease process while being treated for the root cause of the problem.

In many diseases, treating the root cause is very important and crucial for the improvement of the patient and the healing process. The disease is something that develops over months and years and so the healing process may take months to achieve complete health.

Many people have used and are using Medical Qigong for their spiritual evolution and personal growth as well. We all came to this Earth with a purpose. In order to achieve or fulfill our mission and reach the highest potential of our life. Personal growth, spiritual, and emotional evolution are in direct relationship to your success, health, happiness, and longevity.

Learn Medical Qigong


The Medical Qigong practitioner certification program consists of five modules, each one four day long. It takes 10 months to complete this program. The practitioner program is the foundation of Medical Qigong where you learn how to heal yourself, and how to apply this profound knowledge into your practice. 

In this program, we are teaching the theory and practical applications established at the Medical Qigong College at Hai Dian University and has been used clinically at the Xi Yuan Medical Qigong Hospital in Beijing, China.

Medical Qigong Programs

Practitioner Program

The first module focuses on self-healing.  You will learn different exercises for purgation, tonification, and regulation of your body.  Also, you will learn basic theory of Chinese Energetic Medicine

Therapist Program

After building your knowledge of Medical Qigong and learning how to apply it in the Practitioner program, the next step is going through the Therapist program. This is where you refine everything you learned and really begin to master controlling and influencing the energy.

Master Program

The Masters of Medical Qigong program is designed to take the students to a whole new level of knowledge and ability with energy. The students will become very clear in their ability to diagnose, and powerful with their qi emission.